Terms and Conditions

StudyatSetu is a website that aims to provide equal opportunity on this platform for anyone who wants to teach and those who want to learn. Managing this website and ensuring it’s use for the general population in the terms of teaching and learning, needs strict terms and conditions that needs to be followed on this platform. To ensure the rightful usage of this platform, it is highly important for ‘Our Team’ (written ‘Our Team’ anywhere with first letters capital refers to the management authority of this website) to control the content or information uploaded by any of its users and their activity over this platform. Any registration, feature, service, or any other kind of usage of this platform, for any user, can be terminated by ‘Our Team’, with or without notice. ‘Our Team’ will not be required to give any reason for that. These terms and conditions will be updated by ‘Our Team’ with an announcement on the homepage of this website, and thereby all the users of this platform will be considered to have accepted these terms and conditions if they are using this platform in any way. If you live in India, by agreeing to these Terms, you agree to resolve disputes with StudyatSetu through binding arbitration (with very limited exceptions, not in court), and you waive certain rights to participate in class actions against StudyatSetu. If you do not agree to any of the terms or conditions or do not wish to be bound by them, then please do not use the platform in any manner.

Every user, either or not registered as an instructor on this platform will be considered a student on this platform.

Interaction Between different users on this platform: The interaction between different users on this platform may happen under given circumstances but not limited to the course enrollment, participating in Q&A, comments, review section/tab. All the users are expected by ‘Our Team’ to respect other users over this platform. Any user can contact ‘Our Team’ and file a complaint against any other user for any kind of perceived misbehavior by the complainant. ‘Our Team’ will review the complaint, and if that complaint is found to be valid with enough evidence, then our team can impose, over the guilty user, any type of restriction or termination from this platform or any of its features or services. Users will always have the right to ask about the parameters used for making the decision or review process.

For Students

Registration: This platform can cover as many educational content categories as StudyatSetu team approves or adds in the options. This capability needs to look upon the age restrictions of the students. But StudyatSetu team, does not particularly ask for any age-related data. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure the usage of this platform needs any parental guidance or not. Additionally, if applicable, your use of the services should be approved by your parent or legal guardian, or by your school or teacher for school use. Student registration is set to public by ‘Our Team’ to give opportunity to all.

Use of content: Any type of usage of the content of any given course needs to be acceptable by ‘Our Team’ and the instructor who has published that content under a given course. If, at any instance, the usage of the content is not acceptable by that content publisher/ instructor or ‘Our Team’, that student can face any type of restriction or termination from this platform or any of its features or services, imposed by ‘Our Team’. StudyatSetu platform just hold the external links (changes periodically) of content videos, instructors have full control and the ownership over their content. Therefore, StudystSetu will not be liable to any extent for any disruption caused by the instructor over the access of content. However, this might result in an investigation against the instructor over the rightful usage of the platform.

For Instructors

An individual holding an account on this platform, or a group of individuals holding a joint account on this platform, will be considered an instructor as per using one registered account as an instructor.

Instructor registration: Instructor registration form is open to all to fill and submit to ‘Our Team’ to provide opportunity as per our objective, but the submission of this form or any information given to ‘Our Team’ does not make it mandatory for ‘Our Team’ to approve it. ‘Our Team’ can ask for more information from any applicant (if required), in that scenario, applicant will have the right to submit or not hold the information. It will be the sole decision of ‘Our Team’ to make a decision on the submitted application.

Content: Instructors are set free to upload any type of content, until, it is directly related to the course or category under which it is being published. By using this platform, you certify that you will not post, upload, or distribute any user content or other content that is unlawful or that a reasonable person could deem to be objectionable, offensive, indecent, pornographic, harassing, threatening, embarrassing, distressing, vulgar, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, promoting of violence, hostility, or discrimination, or otherwise inappropriate. The final publishing decision will be of ‘Our Team’ for every upload, or update. It will be reviewed by ‘Our Team’ before publishing it on the platform, but reviewing process by ‘Our Team’ does not guarantee 100% removal/unpublishing of unwanted course content/ part of content. ‘Our Team’ can approve or disapprove any content publishing request with or without giving any reason to the content uploader/instructor of that given content. ‘Our Team’ can provide content privacy suggestions upon successful instructor registration (if asked by instructor). But ‘StudyatSetu’ will not be liable to any extent for content videos privacy as instructors are suggested and directed to just share link of their content videos from an external source.

Commission rate policy: Commission rate is set at 95% for the instructors and 5% for ‘Our Team’ that includes transaction fees. Therefore, it will be the sole responsibility of the instructors to manage their accounts and take care of any income taxes, profit taxes, or any other kind of taxes payable. Instructors are encouraged to display prices inclusive of all taxes and email receipts to your enrolled students if you charge any type of tax over the selling price or you are registered as a business account when receiving withdrawals from ‘StudyatSetu’. ‘StudyatSetu’ will not be responsible for any irregularities caused in the accounts of any instructor regarding any kind of payment made or received or tax related issues from their account.

Withdrawal policy: Any amount that the instructors will be eligible to withdraw will be displayed on their profile, unless recognized a database malfunction by ‘Our Team’. Withdrawals are set at a minimum amount that needs to be in the instructor’s account for a set minimum number of days, only then this amount can be requested for a withdrawal. ‘Our Team’ will set the methods of payment and the instructors will be informed or displayed with the given information related to the methods of payment. ‘Our Team’ is committed to pay all the eligible amount to any instructor within 14 days after the withdrawal request and the confirmation (by ‘Our Team’) of required transfer account details are received. Any change related to this, will be notified on the announcements tab on the homepage of the website for minimum seven days and maximum fourteen days before implementing any change or update.

Account Deletion: This feature can result in tremendous damage to any linked accounts and the content. Therefore, to delete an account permanently, a user is expected to reach out to ‘Our Team’ directly. Only then, the process of permanent account deletion can be completed.